The True Strike spell has a range of line of sight

My rule

The range of the True Strike spell is line of sight (not 30' like in the rules).


This one's easy. The True Strike cantrip (DDB Basic rules) has a RAW range of 30' You cast it, point your finger, and on your next turn your first attack roll against that target has advantage. So, it's only good for targets that are 30' or closer. I find that silly. What if you are facing a castle, want to discern the weakness in the castle walls, then cast Catapult and throw a boulder at it? It's probably a game balance thing, but it doesn't make sense to me. If you can see it (and point at it, I guess, somatic components FTW?) then you should be able to discern its weakness. Your subsequent attack should be the limiting factor. So sure, you can discern the weakness in the galleon leaving the bay, but if your Eldritch Blast is out of range, too bad, so sad.

I don't think this one really brooks argument, nor does it need examples.

One note, don't forget that True Strike is a concentration spell, so if you're disrupted between casting it and making your attack the next round, your advantage is gone.

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